Womens Sweaters - Fashionable Oversize Knit And Styling Tips Womens Sweaters - Fashionable Oversize Knit And Styling Tips Womens Sweaters - Fashionable Oversize Knit And Styling Tips

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Womens Sweaters – Fashionable Oversize Looks And Combine Styling Tips

Womens Sweaters – Fashionable Oversize Looks And Combine Styling Tips

Womens Sweaters – Fashionable Oversize Looks And Combine Styling Tips
November 22
04:43 2019

Womens Sweaters – Oversized clothing has been totally trendy for a few years now.

Womens Sweaters

Today we show you how you can wear and combine the Oversize Pullover like real fashionistas. Just because it’s cold and dark outside does not mean you have to give up your sense of style! Whether it’s skinny jeans, a pleated mid-length skirt or a pair of tights and over knee boots, the XXL pullover proves to be a particularly versatile garment.

Women’s Sweaters – Oversized Sweater And Tight Fitting Trousers

Skinny jeans and other tight-fitting trousers bring out the unusual shape of an oversize pull over and make the silhouette appear more harmonious.

Leggings are also great for a variety of fall and winter outfits. XXL sweaters and offer in warm weather excellent warmth and comfort. To look very fashionable, put on a short jacket or a leather jacket to visually extend your silhouette and make your body look slimmer.

Womens Sweaters - Xxl Pullover In Black With Leather Leggings And Nike Sneaker With Red Accents

Womens Sweaters – Oversize Turtleneck Sweater In Ocher Yellow And Black Figure-Hugging Pants

Women’s Sweaters – Oversize sweater with boyfriend jeans combine

Womens Sweaters - Oversized Sweater In Beige Combine With Boyfriend Jeans And Heel Shoes

Although many stylists advise wearing a voluminous sweater with a tight bottom, an exception can be made for boyfriend jeans. To create a great layered look, you can wear a long, white shirt under the sweater.

Strangely, such a “masculine” outfit in combination with high heels looks very cool. The look is casual but elegant. The combination of XXL sweater with boyfriend jeans will look great with tall women.

Oversize Sweater With Boyfriend Jeans Combine High Heels Layered Look
Womens Sweaters - Oversize Sweater Paired With Boyfriend Jeans And High Heels

Oversized Sweater As A Dress

If you want to wear an oversized sweater as a dress, it’s best to combine short shorts, a mini skirt or a slip dress with lace detail.

Complete the look with over knees and sheer tights or over knee stockings and ankle boots.

Womens sweaters - oversize light gray sweater and slip dress combine with lace detail. Over knees
Womens Sweaters - Oversize Sweater As A Dress Wear Panty Dress With Lace Trim And Ankle Boots

Women’s Sweaters – Oversized Sweater With Skirt Wear

Oversize Sweater In Gray With Short Leather Skirt And Over knee Boots

This combination is suitable for almost all women and for every occasion, since it is possible to create very different effects with different rock models. XXL pullovers can be combined with tight pencil skirts for a casual, elegant office outfit.

Oversize Sweater With Pencil Skirt And High Heels Everyday Wear

Womens Sweaters With A Pencil Skirt

The proportions look balanced with a figure-hugging skirt for an oversize pullover. The pencil skirt is the absolute all-rounder for everyday life and the office. There is a matching model for every figure type! With a tight-fitting leather skirt, you can prove your fashion-conscious style at the highest level.

Womens Sweaters - Turtleneck In Beige And Black Flared Skirt Black Ankle Boots

Womens Sweaters With A Slightly Flared Skirt

One of the sweetest and most feminine combinations is an oversized sweater and flared skirt.

Womens Sweaters - Oversize Sweater With Midi Skirt And Ankle Boots Combine

Womens Sweaters With A Midi Or Maxi Skirt

Pleated skirts are totally hip and can be perfectly combined with an XXL sweater. It’s best to choose a midi length. Experiment with colorful jumpers and cool accessories. However, this combination is more suitable for tall and slim women or those who want to conceal problem areas at the waist.

Lagenlook Oversize Sweater Shirt Dress And Overknee Boots

Which Shoes?

For the combination of “Pullover + Skinny Jeans” absolutely all shoes are suitable: Ankle boots, boots, dandy shoes, sneakers, etc.

High heels always look great in an oversized pullover outfit, adding a touch of tenderness and elegance to the look.

Womens Sweaters - Oversized Turtleneck Pullover In Beige White Sneaker And Felt Hat

Sneakers can also look great with oversized jumpers and are always a guarantee for a fashionable look in their free time.

Over knee boots conjure endless long legs and give the outfit a touch of coolness.

Take a look at all the examples in our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired for your next outfit!

Womens Sweaters - Oversize Sweater In Cream With Silver Pleated Skirt And High Heels
Oversize Sweater With Pencil Skirt Combine Autumn
Oversize Sweater With U Neckline Black With Leather Skirt And Green High Heels
Oversize Sweater In Black And Knit Skirt Calf-Length
Oversize Sweater With Turtleneck In Gray Tight Leather Pants And White Sneaker
Beige XXL Sweater With Mint Green Skirt And Suede Ankle Boots
Gray Oversize Sweater With Turtleneck Skirt And Ankle Boots In White
Maxi Skirt White Oxford Shoes Oversize Sweater In Beige
Oversite Sweater In Light Gray And Black Skinny Jeans White Sneaker
Oversize Sweater Combine With Leather Pencil Skirt
Oversize Sweater And Black Figure-Hugging Pencil Skirt
Oversize Sweater In Ocher In Autumn With Leather Jacket Ankle Boots And Over Knee Stockings
Oversize Sweater Dress In Bright Red With Over Knees And Backpack
Oversize Sweater As A Dress With Over Knee Stockings And Ankle Boots
XXL Sweater In Black With Silk Skirt With Lace And Over Knee Boots

Trend Update: In these styles, we wear the new oversize knit

Knitted, so wide and cuddly that we never want to take it off again – that’s our go-to-piece for the cold season.

Thanks to the different styles we are guaranteed not boring, but they all have one thing in common: they are oversized, with a wide silhouette and extra-long sleeves. We present the current styles and show you how to combine them body-contoured.

Winter Trend: We are now counting on these 4 styles for oversize knitwear


We wear them to leather pants or feminine over our midi dresses.

Styling tip: In combination with a pair of trousers, put the sweater in front of the waistband. Along with a dress, you can waist the oversize roll with a wide belt to create a feminine silhouette.

2nd V-Neck

This season, the V-neck sweaters look a bit like we inherited them from our dad.

Tone-in-tone to the pants, the oversize sweaters get an elegant touch, feminine accessories like mini shoulder bags and fine gold chains that accentuate the neckline underline the look.

Styling tip: Oversized V-neck pullovers range from skinny to straight leg jeans to mom jeans to all trouser styles – even woolen knitwear trousers will find an elegant styling partner with the knitwear. For a slim effect, you can put the sweater all around in the waistband and accentuate the waist with a belt.

Long Knit Coat

Like a takeaway blanket that looks gorgeous and keeps us warm on top?

This season we are fully committed to the new long knit coats – best knee-length, optionally with tie belt, we wrap with preference in this oversized knit.

Styling tip: Pay attention to the matching layers and colors – too many “layers” make the outfit visually wider. So stay in the same color family. Combine the knit coat to a dress of the same length or interrupt the pants optically with knee-high boots at the same height.

The top should always be in the pants, which ensures a slim and long silhouette. Wait for belt and Co. rather, that makes the outfit too restless.

Coarse knit & cable pattern

It does not get any lazier: coarse knit and cable patterns are among the classics in knitwear. In the oversize look, sweaters exchange their potential lewdness for maximum coolness. The massive cuddly pullover we now prefer to wear as a highlight piece – so we combine to a Key piece in cream tones all around dark parts.

Black skinny jeans emphasize the knit and, in combination with the boxy look of the pullover, automatically creates slim, long legs.

Styling tip: To support this optical illusion, you are welcome to continue to “top up”. A buffer jacket or classic shearling jacket reinforces the slim-leg effect. Sporty accessories emphasize the look, while feminine jewelry creates an exciting break in style.

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